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LED FPL lamp Tubular lamp

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LED FPL lamp Tubular lamp

These types of lights have a higher efficiency than their fluorescent samples. Another important point is the use of polycarbonate (a special type of plastic) instead of glass in the production of this product’s tube, which does not cause fracture due to impact or falling from a height. The use of aluminum hitching conveys the proper heat transfer from the lamp module to the outside, resulting in longer product life. Other features of this product are that it does not need a ballast (transistor) or starter to switch on, in other words it works with 220V direct current.

ApplicationThe 60cm and 120cm FPL LED tubes are the best replacement for FPL lamps and old fluorescent lamps. With today’s transient and long-lasting removal, today’s office-commercial design is among the top choices of lighting designers.

– Lack of IR and UV waves
– High efficiency and efficiency
– Energy saving
– Suitable replacement of old lamps
– Ability to produce in different capacities
– Safe and unbreakable
– Eco-friendly

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