Seenour Lighting Industries (Starlight Noor Yektais Isatis) is a leader in the lighting industry in Iran with over 20 years of experience and is currently at the forefront of innovation and quality in its work.
The different parts of the company are:
Research & Development, Design, Production Planning, Molding, Metalworking, Washing, Painting, Multiple Assembly Lines, Quality Control, Packaging, Sales Unit and After Sales Service.
The products of this unit include lights with office – industrial – commercial – decorative applications and free space. The company has done extensive work in the field of energy efficiency and increasing the efficiency of LED lights.
Lighting Industries Core Noor realizes that modern management methods are a constant need of the country’s industries and that implementation of quality management system and continuous improvement is very important for adapting to the most advanced scientific and technical achievements, therefore ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO system OHSAS 10004: 2012 and 18001: 2007 use as a template and always comply with these standards in their products.

Office – Commercial
Exterior Environment

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2020   January

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