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Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor Lights

This model has different types of lights, each with its own special features and uses, so it can be used in wall, wall and pendant spaces in park, city and building. And, as its name implies, it falls into the category of lights that must be of high quality for use in open environments to be resistant to dust, insect infiltration and rainfall.

These lights are usually placed on flat, column-like portions. For example, if you want to illuminate the two sides of the entrance stairs of a building with the two sides of the door of your home or villa, you may want to use these lights. Because in addition to brightening the environment, it also helps to make the place more beautiful.

– Durable body
– Proper light distribution
– Aluminum die-cast aluminum body
– Glass and polycarbonate
– Production and supply in different designs and colors according to customer’s order

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