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Decorative Lights

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Decorative Lights

Nowadays, attention to beauty of homes and indoor and outdoor environment is very important and also try to use different elements such as decorative lights in decoration design, as you know decoration design means to harmonize different elements and components. An environment for displaying colors, furniture and other objects in a building.

These types of products are manufactured from the highest quality electronic components. Most of these lights have a very low power consumption and a great variety of light shapes and designs. The main use of these lights today is the exterior of the building. These types of lights have the most impact on the surface where they are installed. Because these lights have been designed to emit light from angles closer to the surface.
Decorations are technically different, but LED decorative lights are the best, least used, and most efficient type of decorations. Various colors, wide and centralized diffusion angles, multiplicity of light outputs, long life are other features of decorative lamps.

– Durable, affordable and inexpensive
– Very low power consumption due to the use of modern LED technology
– Lifetime of about 50,000 hours
– 90% efficiency

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