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Street Stands

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Street Stands

Street stands are manufactured in a variety of ways, including multi-faceted, tubular or fancy, depending on customer demand or demand, depending on the design of urban and highway passages, and can be offered in different designs to illuminate passages in standard range. These stands are manufactured in different shapes and sizes with the number of heads needed. Street light base coating is determined by the region’s climate and durability. Street light base coating can be coated with hot galvanized, electrostatic paint, epoxy paint with a variety of colors.

ApplicationA street light base is the best solution for illuminating streets, highways, roads, access routes, and generally low and long coordinates.

– Ability to build from 3 to 14 meters in various forms and tubes
– Thickness proportional to height
– Ability to install 2 to 4 lights in different types and capacities
– Ability to use ready foundation for quick installation

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