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Wall washer

The Wall Washer is a relatively new and functional lighting element made from a combination of multiple light sources that are typically LEDs, and these products can also be used as a projection projector. Wall washers can be used in cases where the projector cannot be used and requires high light at the same time.
For example, we may have a slim, tall space to light buildings. In such cases, multiple projectors cannot be used at the same time, as in addition to the lack of space, the multiplicity of projectors side-by-side creates an inappropriate appearance. Wall washers are capable of producing linear and uniform light across a wide range. It will also be possible to use a wall washer if there is a tendency for the windows to not shine. In the sense that
It can also be used as part of the beauty of buildings, and the lighting of large buildings using wall washer can play a significant role in the magnificent and luxurious appearance of the building.

The lighting used in making the wall washer is LED. These LEDs have a lens for adjusting the angle of light that gives more control over the lighting conditions. These angles typically cover 5 to 120 degrees. The LEDs on the wall washers can be dense and close to each other, providing more light, and the wall washers have a full range of colors. Allows you to use sun, moonlight and full color at the same time. The linear shape of this light creates a uniform light throughout, depending on the amount of illumination you need, the density of the light, the color as well as the length of the body. He chose the light.

Wall washers are used to illuminate and illuminate the facades of buildings, body of bridges, monuments, tunnels and a variety of walls.

– Easy installation in different places
– High quality output light
– High quality body and impact resistant
– Resistant to atmospheric and environmental conditions such as sunlight, UV, water and dust.
– Variety of color spectrum of created lights
– Ability to adjust the angle of illumination according to the project type
– Ability to build in different sizes
– Ability to build in multicolor model

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